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Aerial Filming and coordination in Mexico

aerial filming mexico
  • We started our trayectory in London, England as The Hot Air Balloon Company, in 1976, with £500, no borrowings, cash-flowed entirely by unsuspecting (but happy) clients.
  • 1979: The company founder, Colin Prescot formed The Helicopter Partnership Limited with Marc Wolff.
  • 1988: The company took the name of Flying Pictures Ltd. taking part in aereal filming and getting involved in motion pictures, becoming the world leader in the provision of aerial ¬ helicopter filming services for feature films, commercials, televisión, and live broadcast events.
  • 1992 – current: Flying Pictures branched out to Mexico under the direction of Sean Byrne, introducing hot-air ballooning in Mexico and providing aerial filming since; for movies such as: Spectre, Man on Fire, The Legend of Zorro, amongst many others.

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International Films

  • Supeman 3
  • Indiana Jones and the last crusade
  • James Bond
  • Behind enemy lines
  • Green ICE
  • Ishtar
  • Colateral Damage
  • Man on fire
  • La leyenda del Zorro

International Documentaries

  • Spirits of the jaguar
  • The world of pyramids
  • The culto of Frida Khalo
  • World heritige Chichen Itzá
  • The ultimate guide to the pyramids
  • Land Rover G4 Rally
  • Marsupilani

International Tv

  • BBC London
  • BBC Bristol
  • BBC Scotland
  • Discovery Channel
  • National Geographic
  • The Learning Channel
  • Green Planet
  • Tokyo Broad Casting
  • Lion Television

National Films

  • Kilómetro 31
  • El Soldado Pérez
  • American Visa
  • World Rally Cars León
  • Nascar Hermanos Rodríguez

Soap Operas

  • La fuerza del destino
  • Una familia con suerte
  • Por ella soy EVA
  • Un refugio para el amor

Televisión Nacional

  • TV Noticias/ Televisa
  • Desafío del Estado de México
  • Canal 11